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  1. Shattered Skies: Badlands 2018 plans

    sorry 2026 plans
  2. Shattered Skies: Badlands 2018 plans

    2020 plans
  3. Its almost fall

    it's will be open but you need to wait 2-3 years. lol we have been waiting this game for 1 and half years
  4. ANY NEWS?

    @Doktorcina2 You should be new around here lol, "game is coming out in a month or two" make it 1 year buddy.
  5. Its Happening.

    Nothing hyped for me.
  6. GAMING community is hungry

    @SwiFii There is no hope mate, sergey is dead.
  7. Shattered Skies: Badlands 2018 plans

    NO, they dont care about us and they dont care about their own game. So dont wait this game. I Love ss but thats the fact. Sergey and his crew are the most irresponisble persons ever. Specially Sergey. Go play another game all !! ^^
  8. Some News???

    lets go ! xera <3
  9. Some News???

    ss:badlans coming soon ( 2035)
  10. Some News???

    just forget it, lol. unresponsible devs what can u expect from sergey? lol.
  11. Any news?

    Guys, are there any news?
  12. Shattered Skies: Badlands 2018 plans

    Its been too much, can you please hurry?