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  1. Troubles extracting loot in pvp zone

    I honestly didn't expect anyone to fall for this. Seems I was wrong ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯
  2. Thoughts on this "ingestation world 2.0".

    I just like how after pushing the date for Badlands back about 20 times they go 'FOR REAL :)'. Its almost like they honestly believe they can keep their provinces. This isn't them trolling, its just pure incompetence. Communicating with their community has never been their strong suit either, and thats to put it mildly. Updating us would indeed take very little time. Just goes to show how they're willing to treat those people who despite all their shit still stick around. If its not to try and build hype to cash out for more money they don't think its worth to inform us.
  3. Its almost fall

    https://gyazo.com/f17c260474cab9ef7981e1a9857e16af Wouldn't expect much of a reply lmao
  4. Its Happening.

    'FOR REAL :)' Speaks volumes. I believe it will be released, and I'm glad it will be. But I doubt it will release fall 2019.
  5. Abandoned?

    Frontier is what Wild West Online once was. After Wild West Online failed Free Reign took over control and created 'New Frontier' and 'Magnificent 5'. The fact Free Reign had taken over the game was known before he made statements regarding Badlands. The Original dev team of wwo called it a 'miracle' Sergey came to the rescue. I still don't see any reason for Sergey to lie about his current plans for Badlands. Clearly it was heavily delayed due to his involvement in WWO. But the fact he informed us the first day of this month, after declaring involvement with WWO, Badlands is still alive tells me he is atleast planning to finish that game.

    After Artemis quit his job over at Free Reign noone has really heard much of him. He has done like two streams streaming apex legends. Sergey replied to some people on FB, but as per usual hes not on the forums. This is what i have: https://www.artstation.com/kristhaler https://www.rmory.net/portfolio/rise-of-the-badlands/
  7. What will happen?

    Seeing he recently told several people he was working on Badlands and we would receive news on it this summer, yes. I don't think he would purposely lie about such things.

    I mean it would be rather egoistic to deny other people money when you know you yourself will end up with nothing regardless. Either way, the fact he let aftermath go completely is because he doesn't see any gains whatsoever in getting it back up. So i doubt anyone else could really profit from it. Sergey told us that that was initialy artemis' plan. Doing with Aftermath what fredaikis did with Newz. But if he knew the game and community even a little bit he would've known that truly reviving Aftermath would take way more effort as what he had anticipated. So Aftermath would always have a very niche community unless it went through a lot of possitive change. This is purely hypothetical but can't he also just put Aftermath back online and let people rent servers from 3th party hosts? A quick google search shows a rust server with 60 slots costs around 10 euros/month. I got no idea of how this works but if thats an option i think it'd be really nice if they would go that route. Not only to run older games like Aftermath but perhaps to have that option next to official servers in future games. That way he doesn't have to give up the game itself, even keep ingame transactions, and allow the community itself to provide the servers.
  9. What will happen?

    An emulator seems very unlikely. Sergey is working on Badlands though. We should receive news about it this summer. It won't be the same as SS, but itl be something.

    I think its usualy not possible due to shareholders in the company. Not so much because the dev doesn't want to. Dunno if that is the case, but if it isn't i do not see the harm in making the source code public for games like Aftermath. Its not as if Aftermath would ever make him any money anymore. SS is another story tho, everything about it is still being used to make badlands.

    And miss out on good money? I don't think you've met Sergey yet. His projects aren't exactly passion driven as much as they are driven by money.
  12. Sergey confirmed Badlands

    I trust the guy. So the real question is; how reliable am I?
  13. #BringBackOldAftermath

    That solves it, Sotra will pay for the servers Keepo. On a serious note though, I was thinking about this a while back. Would it be possible to keep the games open and letting people rent servers from 3th party providers to run the game on for the entire community? I don't know much about this but its the only possible community driven solution i can see. Other people i spoke to whom claim to have offered 50k USD for it say hes asking 200K. Not sure how rich u are bob, but i think 200K might be a bit out of your, or anyones for that matter, price range xD. And even if u had the money, its a ridiculous price to ask for a game that will never turn the investment made into profit. Unless some sort of miracle happens, kinda like when Free Reign announced involvement in WWO Kappa.
  14. GAMING community is hungry

    Yeah, people can't handle getting dicked and if they get dicked they expect to be rewarded for getting dicked... But rust actualy has a large playerbase. So I'm not sure if the lack of twitch viewers is to be contributed to people being bitches about losing their loot. Maybe Rust isnt a 'streamer friendly' game, idk. And maybe rust's succes means there is a market for these types of games after all and I'm wrong in saying the market for it is small.