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  1. Shattered Skies: Badlands 2018 plans

    What game ?
  2. GAMING community is hungry

    It's actually funny since Aftermath had more player base than Shattered Skies but I am not going to get into that argument since both games are dead atm SADLY I am just saying that we should focus on getting the devs attention instead of argue over which game's better and which game's looking better etc etc . I do respect your point tho each player got his own opinions :P
  3. GAMING community is hungry

    I know of a game that the community would like to swallow as such as Romero's Aftermath or SS . I've tried Atlas myself but I did not enjoy the game that much the concept is nice , but I would like to play one of the games that I mentioned above.
  4. Shattered Skies: Badlands 2018 plans

    "BADLANDS 2018" Also Today's 14/12/18
  5. BringAftermathBack

    Let's try man :D
  6. BringAftermathBack

    Sadly I don't think he'll respond through facebook
  7. BringAftermathBack

    Fredaikis is indeed a good indication man :D but I am very skeptic about it , it does worth a try that's actually a pretty good direction man :) He did hack back at the days in The War Z but look at him now he owns The New Z and it has a good anti cheat the man is a genius.
  8. BringAftermathBack

    I messaged Sergey Titov hopefully he'll take my message seriously and hopefully he'll also respond seriously. Next I'll need a way to contact artemis.
  9. BringAftermathBack

    Yeah but in order to get these thing which aren't the point we need to get the game up and running which is the point after the game is up and we as a community support it (The game) we can make decisions or ask from the devs to change it or to even recreate it etc etc.
  10. BringAftermathBack

    Once again I do understand your point but there're tons of opinions about this game from many different people and I try to accept that the game's dead but sadly can't therefore I want to at least try to somehow revive this game even if it will die couple of months later on I just want to try hope you can understand my point as well :)
  11. BringAftermathBack

    But the idea is to bring the game up how's the game going to run without any devs ? I know paying for the servers isn't a problem... BUT we need to reach to an agreement with them.
  12. BringAftermathBack

    QtaZ If you have a goal it shouldn't be matter what people are saying about it I mean it's alright to take notes on the way but eventually we're trying my dude,that's all.
  13. BringAftermathBack

    I think you're exaggerating a bit man Artemis ran this game with the rights Sergey gave him with less than ten thousands I am talking about aftermath, and there's nothing wrong with us trying to reach a goal which is eventually privately or with some co-op with them , bringing them game up and running once again.
  14. BringAftermathBack

    Either way we will need to contact one of the devs or sergey so any help is considerable :)