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  1. new patch

    Check them out here!
  2. Patch Notes 11-28-17 64-bit!

    Heya blood thirsty killers, It's finally patch day! We know it's been quite some time but the wait has been worth it in order for us to upgrade to 64-bit! With these updates comes optimizations and fixes to the way the game handles information on your PC! We hope you enjoy this update and see an improvement to your gameplay from it! 64-bit Support! Graphics render fixes Terrain optimizations Object culling updates Overall performance optimizations See you in game! -LMS Team-

    We've got some updates in the works. The actual issue delaying updates right now is the transition to 64 bit client which aims to fix a lot of issues. Everything has to be updated to be compatible with our new 64 bit client. Until everything is working, we are unable to patch. That's the reason for delays.
  4. Should Last Man Standing get EAC?

    We have our own in house anti-cheat that when properly updated takes care of available cheats. There have been days where over 1000-2000+ accounts have been banned. The issue is that players make brand new accounts. It's not old account cheaters, it's brand new accounts. It's easy to get a VPN, or HWID spoofer and create accounts over and over. That's how it goes in a free game.
  5. We update anticheat regularly. There have been days where over 1000+ accounts are banned. Since the game is free, and it's easy to find a VPN / hardware spoofer, it's always possible to come back. That's how the internet works. Have you tried playing CSGO lately? Same thing. :)
  6. This video is from 4 months ago... This was fixed... 4 months ago.
  7. "Artemis Knives" finally i made it to the top!

    This is a bizarre bug. Are you able to escape the enclosure?
  8. What the hell is this?

    Hmm this should not be possible due to collision. Will investigate.
  9. Once again an update wrecks more than it fixes

    Have you tried restarting the game? You're the only person to report this so far which leads me to believe this might be a problem on your end of things.
  10. Patch Notes 9-1-17

    Happy Friday everyone! We're having a patch today to address some known issues with Last Man Standing! We hope the following fixes improve your game play experience! GENERAL FIXES Fixed a location at the Factory where a player could jump in a clever location near the staircase and get stuck for the rest of the match unable to escape Adjustments to overall world lighting that should result in much more consistent lighting in all scenarios both indoor and outdoor Removed an adaptive lighting effect that was causing excessive eye strain on users Optimizations to our API server that should relieve some connection delays that players were experiencing periodically Optimizations to login server connections Incendiary Grenade damage radius now matches the flame effect radius Incendiary Grenade damage over time duration now matches the fire effect duration Have a great weekend everyone! We'll see you in game! -LMS Team-

    This is pretty damn clever.
  12. Enable VAC bans?

    Wat. Bit coin mining? What kind of crazy witch hunt is this?
  13. Add Knockout how PUBG For duo and squad team

    I personally would like knockout too. It's been discussed a few times.
  14. The New Game Light Effect Is Burning My Eyes!

    It's a bug :) We're close to deploying a hotfix to address this!
  15. Bug after Server Patch 25/08/17

    Yes, it appears to happen after throwing a napalm grenade. Is anyone else experiencing this without having a grenade detonate near them?