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Check out Xera: Survival if still waiting for SS2.0

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Xera: Survival just released a few days ago, and it's really interesting. Has a GI and gameplay seems really similar to SS and Infestation. Made by a small 5 man team who are very active on discord.

Done waiting for SS2.0 and got this game, Really enjoying it.

Check it out >

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Dear Shattered Skies, Infestation: Survivor Stories, WarZ, Romero’s Aftermath, Aftermath Reloaded Community

We have all experienced the enjoyment of playing countless hours of Aftermath and have come to love the game very much. When it got ripped from our hands and there was nothing we could do we were left to find other games. But after much time, there has not been a game that seems to fill this empty place in heart.

I would like to get members of the community to come together to not only come up with the funds to buy the license for Romero’s Aftermath, but also reach out as a community together allowing our voices to be heard that we want it back. If you agree with me on this matter I could really use your support in making this proposed offer a reality.

-Romero’s Aftermath Advocate




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